Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day 2

I spent some time recording sounds in Gourdon and getting some posters made to put up in the village I'm missing the Caravan today as could do with the coffe pot and table to carry on with planning. However the Harbour Bar are as ever very welcoming and accommodating and was very happy to meet William William and Gus

Have met up with John Gove who kindly introduced me to a number of Gourdon's historians in the Village. and am looking forward to meeting up with them to talk about their memories and interest.

Plans have been hatched about a BBQ event surrounding the Pub and Hornblowers perhaps with free  portraits maps and recordings.

I feel like things are progressing and am looking forward to Saturdays workshops and Meeting and talk with people on Sunday and Monday.

I spent some time beachcombing in readiness for Saturday.

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