Saturday, 21 April 2012

Had a good day  in Gourdon Village hall. A great venue for events and workshops.
We had only a few visitors but we made some beautiful Cyanotypes and Maps of the Village.

We used acetate and tracing paper along with seaweed and leaves to create patterns and illustrations that we left out side in the grey sunshine. 

We worked on paper and fabric

We talked about what we would like to see in the village. What did the young people feel they would like.

We wondered about a Cinema, so they did not have to travel so far to see a film.
We wondered about a book shop as there isn’t   even one in Stonehaven.

One of the parents talked about places to drink coffee. Maybe a café or gallery, some kind of hub or meeting point.

In the Afternoon. I worked with a Mrs Gove.

We went through her digital camera menus and unearthed lots of possibilities and different ways to use the camera.

Lots of playing has been prescribed and I look forward to hearing how things progress.

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