Wednesday, 18 April 2012

An eventful first day on the 17th of April. Having ID badges made followed by a very interesting dicussion with Mary Macleod who is looking at conservation proposals for the village.  We talked about the rich History of the village, the Telford harbour, the older buildings and the historical and current importance of Gourdon as a working village.

Then I met with Mrs Japp the Head teacher at Gourdon primary School. After a tour of the school we spent a time gazing at the amazing views and got down to talking about weather, architecture, whales and porpoises and then  how I could involve the school in the art project for village.

We talked about digital photography and Cyanotypes, and History and then language.

We both talked about a love of the history of words and we started to list the words that where very particular to Gourdon, and we struck on an idea to make an alphabet of words just for the village.

ie P is for Pleen ( seagull)

so this  will form another strand to my time in the village and I am hoping to work on this project with the Tadpoles group in May

After meeting with Mrs Japp I was kindly directed towards the Young people that run the Gourdon Skate park group ( and their Mum Michelle) Matthew and Reese. the creative work they had done was fantastic They along with their brother Eden ( fisherman from Gourdon Harbour) are going to help with some of the audio recording.

I felt it was such a positive day and am looking forward to starting the workshops and hearing peoples stories.


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