Thursday, 17 May 2012

9th of May

9th of May

Moved the Van to the top part of the village, by the War memorial. Partly to make the project more visible to the village, but also too see who would come forward. Had a great chat with Mr Barron. And John Walker popped to show me his archive and brough some beautiful photographs for the Maggie law to copy and recod.

I had a meeting with Marie and Suzanne about where we where at with the project.

 Met a  father and daughet walking past talked to the, about the project and the digital camera classes. They seemed very interested and also talked about the possibility of the cinema in the village hall which really went down a treat.

The school mums took some interest in the Van and the Secondary school kids on the bus. Then a few of the older kids from the school popped over Jo Jayden and Luke. The chiara. We talked about what films we might show that where universal and Luke was keen to help making posters to advertise the cinema.

 Digital photography
three people came to the digital photography session. Ian, Whinnie and Hamish all adults and all new to the me in the project.

We had three very different camera and the participants all had different skill levels.
We explored the camera settings what they where for and how we might use them. Then we talked a little about framing and how to set up the image. After which we went out around the village.  Cath Roberts popped in to chat and kindly washed up the tea cups!  

 Down to the harbour. 

Hamish had brought a Polarizer filter for saturated images, and I was able to talk on a more individual basis to each of the participants.

We talked about the difficulty of fitting in photography with kids and ho you can combine the two.

About playing and trying out the settings of the camera experimenting with angle and view in the shots.

We talked aobut injecting some energy into activities in the village.

Hamish asked if there would be further camera workshops and I said I would see what could be arranged.

And perhaps we could tie something on with the party on the pier event, perhaps a photography exhibition. To give the photographers something to work twards.

 Finished at 8pm then popped round to Daivds who looks afters the Hall . He had hoped to dig out some of his old photographs to show, but had a lot on. He was very kind and welcoming. And we hoped to catch up later on under better circumstances.

He said he had been pleased with the rise in activity in the Hall this year and that they had managed to make a little profit. This is great to hear news and I explained to his that there was now a cinema licence that  meant people could hire the hall for screenings.

I read the papers in the harbour bar in the evening, and checked if it was possible to add a photography exhibition to the party on the pier event. in august should we decide to do so.
 A posititve yes was as ever the answer. And spread the word about the cinema licence.

I saw the village writing group and let them know that the licence had been bought (8 women) they where very excited to here that films could be put on in the hall.

I wondered if a list of volunteers that would have and interest in running a programme could be found so that it was a group of many other than the same keen few.

Then too bed.!
Still no internet much a pain!)

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