Thursday, 17 May 2012

May 7th

May 7th Maggie Law day

We set up at the Maggie Law. From 11-3pm several families came past
And we talked to the children and  older people that came to see what was happening

 Marek recorded Robert Gove down by the Harbour he was able to give some fascinating historical in-site to the village. and Derek (fisher man on the Harbour)

We also where able to talk to Alex Sandy Welsh Who had the last line fishing boat in the Harbour. Then also John Walker who had some fantastic personal documentation abut his family history. It was great to have them all sat together in the Maggie Law museum talking about their experiences of the town

Alan Ritchie popped by and invited Dave Ramsey to come back to his house and view an old line boat model his father had made. The boat had quite a prominent history to it and Dave was excited and felt quite privileged to come and see it.

We felt it had been a very positive day. The combined effect of having the caravan positioned so visibly in the village as well as having the museum open for the day meant that we got passing trade and that peolpe and mad an effort to come down to the museum for the day.

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