Thursday, 17 May 2012

1st May

1st of May    (8) 5

Beautiful day. Put the van back on Site.

Went up to the Maggie Law to print documents and went over to Stonehavan to pick up supplies.

Had my photograph taken by  the photographer from Aberdeenshire council.
And talked to Mary Macleod about the conservation area.

Had a fabulous fish supper from the Hornblowers and talked to Alex about the weekend and talked to some of the staff about the project

In the evening I went to the community council meeting. It was interesting to see what happens at the meetings and the types of things discussed.
There had been disappointment about the turn out as the new conservation document had been released and although some residence had come to express concern that important features of Gourdon had not been included in the proposal, such as the Leading Light .

I had spoken to a number of residences about the conservation area. those seemed generally to support it, some feeling it would help to smarten the village and preserve some of the remaining features. Others that it would be costly to hard working people . but the general feeling was that it could inject some needed improvement on the harbour area.

I talked a little about the project and there was some discussion about doing some work up at the top field and to some how make use of that space. 

After the meeting I walked back down to the Harbour with Yvonne to report back about the meeting.
We wondered why people didnt come to the meeting especially with the new conservation proposals.

we talked about communiting, work commitments, childcare, off shore workers.
and then had a wee drink in the bar

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