Thursday, 17 May 2012

May 5th

May 5th   Harbour Day  (30)

We moved the caravan out onto the harbour and dressed it with the bunting made at the tadpoles group.

Then hung the notice board to the out side of the van along with notices about the project.

We  invited people in to meet chat and drink tea. Make cyanotype bunting and talk about what was important to  Gourdon and to the memories they have of the place. And what they might like to see in the future.

We started writing key things onto post ts and adding them into the nocitces on the  van.

We started writing key things onto post-its and adding them into the nocitces on the  van.

Alex does his cooking thing!
 Marek spent time at the bar talking with people and recording. Which we also did in the caravan earlier on.

Then we had the bonus of food, Alex came over from the Hornblowers and got the food going as well.  Cooking sausages, burgers, and kippers from Dougie Welshes smoke house. at the Harbour Bar.

This created a nice atmosphere, families sat and talked and enjoyed the bar, it was a little artic in the wind. But the rain moslty held off.

We took photographs, ate and talked
Accidental Harbour Humor

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