Thursday, 17 May 2012

May 6th

My 6th the Mystery Tour   (people 4)

We moved the van back out into the street to allow it prominence and for people to see us in the village.

The weather however was very bad today. I had arranged a talk with Bridget from the committee and she took me around the village to place that she felt where important too village from her perspective.

Some of the suggestion for Gourdon are. More shops, Cinema, Youth club and Play equipment ( for the teenagers too, a notice board!

Popped in to John Goves to look at the Beautiful leading light photograph ( will go back to photograph it)

It was a quiet day and I had a great to walk around the village  even if i did end up with a layer of  ice on the camera bag!
We do have another Mystery Tour Date. And I wonder if  I should change the activitiy. As I am not sure It is a good use of time. I think a more targeted approach might be better!

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