Thursday, 17 May 2012

May 2nd

May the 2nd      (30)

Meet with the young pupils from P1/2 at Gourdon School.
We walked down to the beach and the foraged for seaweed and shells to make cyanotypes. On the way down we talked about when we go to the beach and what we like about the beach.

The boys where very excited about the football pitch and play park that was one of their favourite places to hang out.

We found, seaweed, bones shells and all kind of exciting sea glass metal and wheels from cars.

Then the children released there message in a bottle.

Meet Alistair Reid and Alex Welsh in the Harbour Bar. 

Alex wondered if their was line fishing in Newbiggen a fishing a mining town in the north of England.

We talked a little about the history of WW11and the use of Fishing boats in the war.

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