Thursday, 17 May 2012

May 4th

May the  4th    Tadpoles. (27)

Spent the morning with the mums and preschool children or Gourdon , Some form Bervie, and Stonehaven.

It was an incredibly busy session as the schools where on May bank holiday break. I had hoped to record a little of the session however its was a fabuous cocofency of sound.

I brought food for the the mums and kids fruit and cake !

Approx 10 mums and 17 children. We made hand print bunting which we are to hand out on the Harbour tomorrow!

Stayed in the hall to fnished prepping Cyanotype materials for the 5th and 7th.

Made some bunting shaped fabric and and spare card as activities for the young people.

Then painted up a cork board for a notice board for tomorrow. Going looking for a larger piece of wood to house it onto.

It’s a beautiful if windy evening, hoping that the rain will stay off for the afternoon!
And really encorgae people to come down and meet and talk

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